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Franchising can be an effective and efficient way to expand most business concepts. By managing the franchise expansion process efficiently, it can be one of the most profitable business models in the world. We are a franchise consulting firm designed to work with small businesses and small business owners who want to grow quickly and efficiently through franchising but with a lower investment and more manageable cash requirements. Call to speak with one of our franchise consultants today!

How Franchise Marketing Systems Can Help
Franchise Marketing Systems is a franchise consulting company developed by entrepreneurs, FOR entrepreneurs to help small business owners start a franchise brand. Franchise Marketing Systems is the only full service franchise consulting agency that offers marketing and sales support to its clients. This means a safer, more effective way to realize the largest possible return on investment from your franchise. Our franchise consulting experts can help guide you along the path of building and selling your franchise business.


Our mission is to help our clients achieve the independence to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their lives by creating partnerships between our clients and the best franchise companies in the world. I invite you to leverage my years of franchise experience in the design, development, growth and management of domestic and international franchise systems. I am completely focused on what matters to you.


With over 20 years of business experience and a majority of that time spent in franchising, The Franchise MBA strives to elevate the art and science of franchise consulting to help our clients find the perfect franchise through education. We focus on emotional intelligence and a thorough understanding of business fundamentals to help our clients articulate what is important to them.

Franchise sectors keep evolving as customer demands create change and new opportunities emerge. We stay on top of trends and market dynamics to offer advice as franchise experts. We devote significant time for planning and understanding franchise systems in order to provide our clients with complete and unbiased recommendations through our coaching services.

We look to our clients success and fulfillment through franchise


The Great American Franchise company connects hundreds of franchise businesses with potential owners. They provide education through seminars from industry experts on topics including franchise law, financing, and other critical business concepts. Attending their expos will provide you with the opportunity to network with leading industry executives and franchise developers looking to expand their brands. In addition, our franchise exhibitors offer a tour of their concepts through our virtual reality platform. The franchise model is one that has worked for decades for millions of franchisees. Whether you choose to exhibit or attend, they welcome the opportunity to increase awareness and bring franchising to a wider audience.


Beating The Odds Foundation provides support for those in need through the healing power of rhythm. The healing power of rhythm, and music, is the cornerstone of our organizations purpose. Drumming Therapy taps into layers of the mind and body that other modalities cannot. Studies have shown that repetitive drumming changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm and focused awareness.


Sir Dr. NakaMats, the most prolific inventor of our time has over 3500 inventions. to his name. Some of his inventions include: the Computer, Floppy Disc, the Syphon, Cinemascope, CD, Digital Display, Synthesizer, 1st Solar Panel, to name a few. In 2005 He was awarded the 2005 LG. Nobel Prize in Nutrition, for photographing every meal he has eaten during the past 35 years. Dr. Nakamats is a keynote speaker, and has travelled throughout the world sharing thoughts on learning and creativity.  , as well as his life’s work and inventions. 


Bob DelVecchio, Founder of Drumming Up Business, has represented Sir Dr. NakaMats, for over thirty-two years. Dr. NakaMats has considered Bob his “American Son.” Bob is also the Ambassador to the U.S. for Sir Dr. NakaMats. He has helped promote him through many appearances on National TV shows, Dr. Nakamats (David Letterman show, the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, The Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, That’s Incredible Show, and The Today Show), Universities and Professional organizations. Bob has successfully represented many of Sir Dr. NakaMats  through distribution of his products in the U.S. 

In 2016, Bob will help launch some of his popular products, that up until now, have only been available in Japan, in the U.S. 

DelVecchio and Dr. NakaMats will join together in 2016 and for the “Drumming Up Business” World Tour, speaking and performing at Franchise Conferences, Universities and Corporate Events, promoting their new books, “Drumming Up Business” and “The Invention of Love.” 

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