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Bobby Delvecchio 
Christian – Father – Musician – 

Max: “Why isn't the issue here who I am?”

Uncle Teddy: “Because, Maxwell, what you do defines who you are.”

Max: “No, Uncle Teddy, who you are defines what you do. 

Movie "Across the Universe" 

Bobby and the Beat
“I want to tell you about a person I know named Bob. Bob knows how to create wins and everyone who meets him witnesses his many successes but this wasn’t always the case. Bob grew up in poverty but also with a high expectation that he had everything he needed to have a rich life. He was a natural musician but without money to afford lessons, he began his training in a pretty unique way. His mother, a dancer, would spend countless hours in the studio where young Bob would listen to the feet of the tap dancers and mimic the sounds he heard with his hands. 
After years of teaching himself the drums, he dropped out of school to become a full-time musician. While living on the road can be tough, he focused on his passion and found small wins in the most creative of ways. He once told me that he felt he had experienced a great win because he got to play a show at an opening McDonalds and his payment was all the food that he could eat! He considered every time he got to do what he loved, a win. He played every dive bar and smoky club you could imagine. If an owner would have his band play, he would be there. Thousands of shows later, every small win created this next big win: a coveted spot on a national tour, including the first Woodstock. Fast forward several gold albums and decades later and something happened where he could no longer consider a life on the road a win. After this major turning point happened in his life, he set out to reinvent himself, without a college degree. 
As a positive go-getter, he knew nothing could stop him from his next series of wins and so, he began to invest in inspirational books like Dale Carnegie (who he would later work for) and Zig Ziglar. He invested his time in becoming knowledgeable about how to make a sale and he set small goals that he could accomplish. 
His first goal as a door-to-door salesman was to train with the best. He would study those who were great at closing the deal and find ways to replicate what made them successful. Now, there is nothing glorious about hearing ‘no’ hundreds of times a month during his training, but he knew that his determination would eventually create a win. 
He would often remind himself that he wasn’t losing but rather pre-winning. With a glass half full attitude, he began closing sales. Sale after sale helped in creating the momentum he needed to not only win but to build the confidence to become a great salesman. Fast forward yet again. Years later, he was no longer selling one product door to door, but entire franchises for multi-million dollar companies. Bob never stopped celebrating his wins whether it was his humble beginnings that taught him to work hard, his good ole days in the band or his first major sale that led to millions. As he began to win, he saw himself as nothing less even when times were increasingly tough. He recalls trying to sell franchises after the tragedy of 911 when no one wanted to invest their money. Regardless of the challenges, he prevailed and created one small win at a time. 
Now…I may be biased because Bob is actually my dad and the major change that no longer made him want a life on the road was having me, his daughter. But, I can’t help but think that some of my wins are because he taught me what it looked like first. We all need to be like Bob and start small, every win can build momentum to our biggest wins that are yet to come!”

Dad, to the man who taught me how to dream and do!!!! If you ask me, he’s been pretty amazing! He doesn’t know this yet .... but in my book that I am writing on how to ‘design a life you love, he’s my very appropriate story/example on the chapter entitled “Wins.” Dad this one is for you!” – 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Daira DelVecchio


What I do:


Bobby Delvecchio 
  Consultant -  Key Note Speaker - Philanthropist


Bob was formally the Sr. Vice President of Franchise Development for Dale Carnegie Training and U2’s Q-Zar Entertainment. Bob has personally negotiated sales of over 3,000 Unit, Area Developer and Master Franchises in over 80 countries. He currently represents The Franchise Consulting Company and has founded, and acts as CEO/President for Drumming Up Business, which conducts motivational seminars for organizations and corporations.
And the Beat goes on… As a World Class Drummer; Bobby was the Featured Drummer on Dick Clark’s “Caravan of Stars” and Rich Nader’s “1950’s Rock-n-Roll Revival,” backing major music artists such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Chubby Checker, Ricky Nelson, Jackie Wilson, Bo Diddley, The Dovells, The Shirelles, The Coasters, The Drifters, The Five Satins and Gary U.S. Bonds. He has played with The Edgar Winter Group, Rick Derringer, and Hall & Oates.
Passionate about giving back, his “Beating The Odds” Foundation. Beating The Odds Foundation provides financial and therapeutic support for children with cancer and other debilitating diseases through the healing power of rhythm. We have drummed with over 1000 children in various hospitals and events for the past 5 years. Through our partnership with The Great American Franchise Expos, we are raising funds and donating ticket sales to local Children Cancer Hospitals, where expos are being held.


“Music can change the world because it can change people” - Bono

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